Welcome to Little Miss and Mr. Pageants for Children, Newborn to Adult! (MOST KIDS/ADULTS FIRST TIME PAGEANT).  NO TALENT AND NO SWIMSUITS in our Natural Pageant.  We do Have Gltiz Pageants.  Natural is Natural and Glitz is Glitz.


Our system does Natural and Glitz Pageants.

For our natural system, you need two outfits.  (formal any dress you want but NO GLITZ CUPCAKE DRESS).  Then a Outfit of Choice.  (Tinkerbelle, Cheerleader to give you some ideas). They come out of a Tstage.  No custom music or heavy routines. Just a cute modeling walk and working the judges for attention.  Parents can come on stage with child if desired.  Our Natural Pageant is perfect for first timers.  We like that child having fun on stage.  We will walk you though it the morning of the pageant if you request.

For our Glitz system you will need a Glitz Photo, custom music, and routines.  We do music for beauty.  If you would like to start doing Glitz we can get you assistance in preparation just let me know. Every glitz pageant has different themes.  Request paperwork at madsmom3@cox.net.  Our Glitz contestants have been featured on Toddlers and Tiara’s, The Steve Harvey show, The Fox network and many more Television shows. 

Our Pageants are at the Santa Fe Stations Casino Ballroom.  We do check in at 9 a.m. and Pageant begins at 10 a.m.  We do the Pageant walks then take a break to eat and let the judges judge and return at 3:30 for crowning.  We do make sure every contestant is crowned and every contestant wins a optional no matter what.

If this is your first pageant you are welcome to call me Tami (702) 688-0268 and I can walk you through all details.

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Little Miss and Mr. Las Vegas Pageants delight the hearts of children all over.  Our pageant system celebrates the wonder and joy of childhood in a decorated showroom with music and beautiful girls and handsome boys dressed up as if on their way to a royal ball.  Every Child is called up by name to win a BIG “17” Inch Trophy.  Every child will be crowned.  All our kid’s are winners and Royalty. 

No experience is necessary.  Our pageants are uplifting, exciting and fun.  Staff members are there to help you enjoy every minute of your pageant experience, creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Just bring your enthusiasm and enjoy a non competitive, fun day that you will never forget.  First timers will have a rehearsal just like a real pageant that morning.  Every child is on stage alone.  We do not believe in line up’s, this is intimidating to children.   Any child can have a parent walk with them.  NO GLITZ ROUTINES, NO PROAM ROUTINES, NO FAKE TAN”S, NO FAKE TEETH.  Our Pageant is held on a T Stage to make it fair to first timers as well as experienced Children.  We are looking for an Elegant Model walk for formal and a bouncy fun walk for Open choice.  NO FLIPS, NO CARTWHEELS.   No parent’s are judges or work our pageants.  We have a full staff.   

We allow contestants from all over the US to compete for our city and state pageant titles.

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Age Groups:
Each age group will have a Queen, Supreme, and a Title plus 8 categories.

11 months and younger there own baby group.

1 Yr old

2 yr old

3 yr old

4 yr old

5 yr old

6yr old

7-8 yr old, 9-10 yr old, 11-12 yr old,

13-17 yr old (if this group has large entry will separate in 2).

18 and over adult division.

Boys ages groups will be divided closer to pageant time.   

Get your picture on the cover of our magazine, be our THE COVERGIRL or THE COVERGUY!

Help us provide sponsors for our pageants, by selling advertising spots in our programs for as low as $35.  Sell to your favorite doctor, restaurant, aunt, uncle, neighbor, etc.  You can also sell ads for special messages from grandma and grandpa with a picture of your child. 

It's easy and fun to be featured as Covergirl or Coverguy!


You may take picture of your child with your camera.  We do not charge separate for categories.  The whole pageant will cost you $259.00.  You can put $40.00 down to secure your child’s spot (If you have put your $40.00 down and your age group closes you have secured your spot). The balance of $219.00 is due by 30 DAYS BEFORE THE PAGEANT DATE. 
Every child’s picture will be put in the magazine.

TEENS - We offer the experience of a lifetime.  It is beautiful.  You do a flirty, fun walk through your open choice event. We are looking for an Elegant Model walk. We show you it all.    It is so exciting to be on the runway of the pageant.  This is great experience for you and your friends.  There is no talent.  If you can walk you can win.

Each contestant will have the opportunity to "model" their Open Choice and Formal wear on a beautifully decorated stage.  There is no talent competition and contestants are not required to speak.  Our focus is extremely positive. We strive to make each child a WINNER!  Our children are not asked to buy a Royalty outfit. You do not need to hand out fliers, or do our marketing.  All of our event’s are about your child.    You can do parades and all kinds fun stuff with your sash.  All Children will have a sash so have fun with it and make a better community.  Send me pictures.  I love to get you in the newspaper.


We Love Natural Beauty!


We believe in teaching children that they are beautiful inside and out.  Keep your children little and innocent as long as you can.  The purpose of our pageants are to improve social skills, increase confidence, build self esteem and most importantly have fun, fun, fun!  Please if you are 3 and under NO MAKEUP, NO FAKE HAIR.  We believe in natural beauty. As for outfits have fun.  You can wear any kind of dress you would like.  We have all kinds long, short, Pageant dress’s, and Easter dress’s. Open choice is any type of theme wear you would like. Have fun with it and Surprise us.  This is YOUR day.


AWARDS - We give out trophies up to 6 feet tall.  We have Tiara’s, Round Crowns, Satin Banner Sash’s.  All 33 Title winners are given great Trophies and Sash’s and many more prizes.  This is the Pageant of all Pageants.  Our smallest Trophy is 17" in.  We are making more age groups.  All Title holders will be crowned with a Round Anastasia Crown.  The larger our pageant the more we give out.  Refer the most new kids to the Pageant and become the Ambassador of the Pageant.  You are crowned, presented a big Trophy.  We also have a high point winner.


Please Stay Natural and Pretty, No Heavy Routines.  Handsome little walks.  You are Modeling down the T Stage.  If you over do it you will not win.  Judges are told we are a city and state pageant that want natural kids to represent us.   join the fun.  Through out the year you can use your sash to make a difference in our community.  We have been on the news and in the newspapers.  It is so much fun for the kids.

Rules are subject to change at the Directors Discretion.  A code of conduct will be enforced.  All state and city titles must be represented accordingly.